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The Pastel Pro Pack is Here!

Hey Everyone,

I'm excited to share with you my new toolset for Procreate!

The Pastel Pro Pack

Like my previous Charcoal set, this is a collection of personal wishlist brushes for Procreate. The goal was to combine the satisfying grain of dry media and the fluidity of wet media.

The pack includes a series of Pencils, Pastel Sticks (both dry and oily), Special Brushes, Smudges tools and natural-feeling Erasers— a complete toolset for drawing, painting, and all that fun stuff in-between.

Also included is a short bonus demo with voice-over!

Use this promo code for 10% off: PASTELPRO


I plan to start making more video content on all sorts of topics related to drawing and painting.  If you have any requests for subjects that you would like me to cover, please let me know!

Happy Drawing!


Check it out here!

The CHARCOAL MASTER PACK for Procreate is here!

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